Illuminated Pushbuttons

Illuminated Pushbutton

Code: 055/C

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Illuminated square pushbutton made of translucent polycarbonate framed nylon, built-in


The new design allows the light output from the existing board at the base of the button and
the two slits. 

Contacts: 1 standard Honeywell microswitch.

Micro-holder with bayonet security connection.

Lamp: 6v or 12v - 2w or 1,2wot led 12v.

Base colour: translucent/ red/ yellow/ blue/ white.

Frame colour: red/ blue/ yellow/ green/white.

Button colour: red/ blue/ yellow/ green/white.

Custom legend lettering available.

Code 050/SAT

Illuminated Pushbutton


Code 040

Mini Illuminated Pushbutton


Code 04

Illuminated Pushbutton


Code 04/TR

Illuminated Pushbutton